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Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott

Rachel Bailey is intuitive, bright, bold, funny. She’s passionate about her job. Her one big flaw is her impulsiveness, which occasionally leads her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore), to view her as a liability. Rachel persistently burns the candle at both ends, and as the series opens, she is in a fiery relationship with duplicitous barrister Nick Savage (Rupert Graves). Her spur of the moment ideas and emotional vulnerability lead to dramatic consequences first in her private life, and then at work.After series 3, Rachel turned over a new leaf and eventually became a DS during Gill's last year in the police (she later discovered Janet had been the original choice, causing contention between the two friends). After solving the murder case with Evie Pritchard's slave ring, Rachel left the syndicate for a year to go into Vice in London before she was promoted to Acting DI and rejoined Syndicate 9 to solve the 'Take out the Trash' case that had seen the deaths of several people in a sick game, and she used her Vice authorisation to access the Darknet to find out more.

During this time, Rachel had become pregnant for a second time (the first time was after her relationship to Nick had broken down, but she lost the baby), and she put herself in danger when the people masterminding the 'Take out the Trash' game placed a target outside her home.