Rachel Bailey

Janet Scott is subtle, deep, reliable, a diplomat and a thinker. She has two teenage daughters and is in a marriage that over the years has become little more than a convenient arrangement for both her and husband Adrian (Tony Pitts). Janet’s a very private person; not even Rachel knows that she has been sexually involved with her immediate boss, Detective Sergeant Andy Roper (Nicholas Gleaves). The unsolved murder of a childhood friend caused Janet to have a break-down as a teenager, but then spurred her to join the police force. She remains determined to track down the killer.

Eventually Rachel managed to solve the mystery of the killer, realising it was Geoff Hastings, the brother of Veronica Hastings, the friend in question. Rachel revealed the killer to Gill and Andy before phoning Janet. Unfortunately for Janet, Geoff was there and heard the call. For a while, Geoff had been 'helping' Janet with her investigation. Geoff overpowered Janet and stabbed her in the stomach.

Janet was rushed to A&E and she managed to survive, and a year later she was finally able to question Geoff. For a year Geoff had been in prison, and he was taken to the syndicate 9 station, where he revealed he had murdered 17 other women and he had written diaries in code documenting the killings, but he refused to tell the police where they were (Rachel would later figure out they were hidden inside his mother's grave when she was drunk), and he lost his temper when the police realised where they were.